One Word ... Focus

What market does HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES serve ?

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES serves clients large and small alike, multinationals and single-owner businesses. 

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES serves foreign companies predominantly located in North America, 
Europe and Australasia, with an increasing range of Asian clients. 

But they all have one thing in common:

... a serious interest in doing business in North Korea (DPRK).

Not necessarily a fixed project, but companies which have a focus and have identified North Korea (DPRK) as a potential target market -- either because they have determined that they have a specific product or service which they wish to sell, market or otherwise brand there, or because they have decided that they might do so, and wish to examine the business possibilities there. 

HK&A thus normally deals with those with corporate decision-making power. And with those who have not only the vision and determination to contemplate a potential deal in an exciting part of the world, but the willingness, where necessary, to walk away from it if the terms are not right (to see why this fits the HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES philosophy, please click here).


That one word describes both HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES and its client market.

You don't have to have a plan. You don't have to have a commitment. But if you have an interest: 

-- in knowing more; 
-- in receiving solid, practical, confidential briefing and advice from someone with experience and a track-record;
-- in hearing a no-nonsense, straight-talk presentation from someone who has experience of pitching on difficult subjects to Wall Street group audiences, to CEOs and to in-house counsel;
-- in being assured of confidentiality;
-- in perhaps visiting North Korea (DPRK);
-- in a guiding hand ... 

if any of the above describes you and your company approach and needs, then the focussed approach of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES may well be for you.

Clients who have a focussed, serious interest, even if, after they have conducted their examination, they decide "not now" or even "not at all" -- the DPRK is not for everyone. Equally, we offer focussed, specialized services, both in scope and nature. 
HK&A offers a variety of services tailored to helping those who seek practical, hands on guidance, and/or strategic business advice and information on doing business with North Korea. 

This can be done by receiving a briefing in their headquarters, by visiting the country itself, or doing both. 

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES also offers selected services tailored to business groups, such as chambers of commerce, which require more general, broad-based information on the DPRK, and in a public or semi-public forum.

Behind the Scenes

You won't see HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES on billboards. You won't see full page ads in your local chamber magazine. In its corporate advisory work HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES works largely behind the scenes. Our business approach is deliberately cautious, careful and confidential. This low-key approach has been proven to work, time and again. Similarly, our business is often generated by personal recommendation, not by high-profile sales pitches. 

Though HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES helps foreign companies in identifying potential business partners in the DPRK in specific fields, this is not its core activity.  we are, however, able to provide referrals for such kind of inquiries.

Sampling of Industries/Specialties

Aviation, Civil Energy, Hotel & Hospitality Industry, Mining, Minerals & Other Natural Resources, Alternative Energy and Energy-Saving Projects, Transportation and Infrastructure, Commercial Retail Projects, Regulatory & Compliance, Insurance, Due Diligence, Alternative Dispute Resolution including Arbitration and Mediation, Trademark Claims, Infrastructure Projects, Telecommunications  


What are the unique strengths of HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES ? To find out more please click here

The company does not claim to be the best in every activity and every field relating to business with the DPRK. The company is not a broker, 'portal' or a clearing-house for potential business partners - though it can and does put companies together, and is happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis,and if you a re seeking a partner in DPRK we can often help.

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